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Pachter HL Guth AA et al Changing Patterns in the Management of Splenic Trauma The impact of NonOperative Management Ann Surge 227708 1998
AZTRACC_Grand_Rounds_Management_Strategy_for_Blunt_Solid_Abdominal_Organ_Injury_050107.ppt - aztracc.org

splenic parenchyma surrounded by low attenuation lacerations or contusions Intact splenic vessels traversing a splenic laceration simulating hemorrhage Polysplenia
Nallamshetty 4409229.pps - rsna2004.rsna.org

American association for the surgery of trauma liver injury scale Select organ trauma Select organ trauma Splenic trauma LUQ abdominal tenderness l’t lower rib
paper20060718.ppt - www.kmuh.org.tw

Spread from infective focus elsewhere in the body Most common organisms Strep Species Staph Entercoccus splenic Trauma Splenic infarction
Surgical Conditions of The Spleen.ppt - www.sawa2006.com

in children Mortality 85 Abdomen is the 3 rd most common site of injury – less effective at energy dissipation – liver and splenic trauma
Galea - Abdominal trauma in children.ppt - www.maltime.com

Splenic Trauma Diagnosis Injury should be suspected in blunt upper abdominal injuries MVA and Bike Injuries are often associated with fractured ribs of the
spleen.ppt - faculty.ksu.edu.sa

Introduction to Thoracic Trauma Thoracic Anatomy Pathophysiology of Thoracic Trauma Assessment of Thoracic Trauma Management of Thoracic Trauma
ch25.ppt - web.uaccb.edu

Assessment of Thoracic Trauma Management of Thoracic Trauma Most thoracic injuries 90 of blunt trauma and 70 to Tracheobronchial tree injury Vascular injury
v4ch10.ppt - fracturedmedicine.com

Temple College EMSP Temple College EMSP Introduction to Trauma Management Trauma Leading cause of death ages 140 Third leading cause in all age groups Trauma 50000000
EmtIntroTrauma.ppt - www.templejc.edu

Discuss differences between adult pediatric trauma Discuss pediatric trauma management Review the development of and guidelines for transport
Trauma.ppt - www.pediatrics.emory.edu

Management of Penetrating Neck Trauma Shashidhar S Reddy MD MPH Shawn D Newlands MD PhD
Penetrat-Neck-Trauma-slides-020905.ppt - www2.utmb.edu

principles-of-management-ppt - www.slideshare.net

Management of Blunt Trauma 1 Remember the ”Golden Hour” 2 Recognize what is the mechanism of injury and what types of injuries the patient may have suffered
trauma1.ppt - www.alaskaems.usanethosting.com

Obstetric aspects of trauma management Number 251 September 1998 replaced Number 151 January 1991 and Number 161 November 1991 Int J Gynecol Obstet 1999
OB Trauma powerpoint.ppt - scalpel.stanford.edu

Management of Vascular Injuries Common carotid repair preferred over ligation in almost all arteries the thyrocervical trunk and the corresponding veins thoracic
Penetrat-Neck-Trauma-slides-020905.ppt - www.utmb.edu

Unit 1 BUSINESS LOGISTICS Logistics management – a paradigm shift Market logistics objectives Logistics operation meaning importance effectiveness
supply-chain-management-ppt - www.scribd.com

Bircher et al Pelvic trauma management within the UK a reflection of a failing Open pelvic fracture Hypotension Fecal meterial in drain HD
Open Pelvic Fracture .ppt - ntuh.sicu.org.tw

CMAST 9 Assess the Casualty Identify signs and symptoms Assess mental status AVPU Assess the airway Assess the breathing
ChestTraumaManagement.ppt - hkcivildefense.org

Trauma management protocol Start treatment before HX and PE Primary survey Initial Neurological examination in head injury GCS Pupillary size and response
Head Injury.ppt - www.sawa2006.com

Management of severe head injury GCS 38 Unable to follow simple commands even cardiopulmonary stabilization A Primary survey and resuscitation
Head trauma.ppt - www.kmuh.org.tw

Management CXR R hemothorax R chest tube  500 cc blood Flexible laryngoscopy  no obvious injury Airway control  fiberoptic awake nasotracheal
Neck trauma - USarpel.ppt - mssurg.net

Chest Trauma Management COMBAT MEDIC ADVANCED SKILLS TRAINING CMAST General Chest injuries may result from Gunshot wounds GSW Shrapnel Explosions Motor vehicle
C191W4TC CMAST - Chest Trauma Management.ppt - www.drum.army.mil

Work on the pebbles things you enjoy Do the things you have to do sand Pickle Jar Theory Big things first Fill in with smaller things and things you enjoy
TIMEMANAGEMENT.ppt - www.wilkes.k12.nc.us

Practice Guideline Management of spinal injuries Presented by ChaoWen Chen Division of Surgical Emergency and Trauma Department of Emergency 脊椎外傷處理
Practice Guideline - nonoperative management for splenic injury.ppt - www.kmuh.org.tw

Splenic cords White pulp Central artery Splenic artery Splenic vein b Diagram of spleen histology Splenic artery Splenic vein Hilum a Diagram of the
020 Lymphatic.ppt - www.wcc.hawaii.edu

The most serious splenic injury is a severely fractured spleen or vascular tear producing splenic ischemia and massive blood loss Nonoperative management of
Abdominal Injury.ppt - faculty.ksu.edu.sa

Splenic function Early fetal development important role in hematopoietic function RBC culling removes senescent and abnormal erythrocytes and the microbes
splenic embo.ppt - scalpel.stanford.edu

J Trauma 2000 Aug49217787 discussion 1879PMID 10963527 PubMed indexed for MEDLINE Appendix CT Grading of Splenic Injury Spleen injury scale advance one
Blunt Spleen Protocol Handouts.ppt - www.northernohiotraumasystem.com


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